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Residents of Arcadia

Steve and Anika are two social media influencers and entrepreneurs, living an accomplished and ideal life. One night, a man breaks into their backyard, disrupting the peaceful life they had created. The ensuing fear culminates with the appearance of a mysterious countdown on screens and mirrors throughout their home. As the countdown approaches zero, it reveals the true nature of what is hiding behind their perfect lives.

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Residents of Arcadia is a film about the immigrant experience; more specifically the story of an Italian man and an Indian woman in search for an ideal life in Canada. Sci-fi approach aside, the tale is based on the director’s experience as an immigrant from Italy to Canada and stories of Indian immigrants he encountered in his journey to become a Canadian citizen. The main theme of the film is the clash of the immigrant’s cultural identity against a new society while searching for a new ideal self: the image immigrants chase when they decide to move to a different country. It’s a story of belonging, loss and discovery of our own truthful self.

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